14g Vibrating Tongue Ring

Product SKU: 14g Vibrating Tongue Ring

You All Requsted It So We Got It !!! Surgical Steel Tongue Barbell With 2 Batteries. 1. Remove barbell from package2. Swab the barbell with a cotton ball and rubbing alcohol3. Insert barbell into tongue piercing4. Remove battery (barbell back) from package5. To activate vibrating barbell, attach the battery to the end of the barbell shaft by turning it in a counter-clockwise rotation until the battery is securely fastened to the barbell6. To stop the tongue ring from vibrating, remove the battery piece and take the jewelry out completely.Do not wear the jewelry without having the battery securely attached to the barbell shaft. Remove product when not in active use. Never wear product with a loose or dead battery.DO NOT autoclave, boil or submerge the product in liquids.BATTERIES LAST FOR ONE HOUR.

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