launched in 1998 and was one of the first online body piercing jewelry stores. Since our inception we have grown tremendously and extended our product line from body jewelry to everything about music driven fashion. Our specialty remains in providing you with a large selection of piercing products including: barbells, ear plugs, flesh tunnels, tongue rings, belly button rings, navel rings, nipple shields, horseshoes, septum retainers, and much more. But we are also now focused on the music side of fashion including band merchandise from bands such as: Rise Against, AFI, Kottonmouth Kings, Joy Division, and Radiohead. In addition we focus on music driven brand name clothing including: Famous Stars and Straps, Obey, Dickies, and DC Shoe company. Over the past few years BodyPunks has been an active supporter of the Van Warped tour and other punk music festivals. We believe that music is the essence of today's punk culture. We are constantly striving to bring you the best customer service as well as products that you can't find anywhere else.

Did you know that Body Piercing is a form of expression that's very creative and individualized-and also pretty permanent. You can remove the body jewelry, but the hole will remain for quite sometime, so, like tattooing, it requires planning and knowledge to get something you'll always enjoy. Nor do you want to walk around with the wrong land of body jewelry in your piercing. You may think it's very cool to have that giant piercing ring hanging from your septum, flapping over the top of your lips, but are your friends whispering "toro, toro! " behind your back? Nothing complements a face better than a well-placed piercing, one that's not too big or too small. we guarantee that our BodyPUNKS body piercing Jewelry adds character, mystery, and undeniable sex appeal. And don't let anyone tell you that your piercing is some weird, new craze; body piercing have always been a part of humankind's beauty vocabulary.

Professional body jewelry is hypoallergenic, which means it's unlikely to provoke an allergic reaction. The body jewelry metals that we use are highly inert (these jewelry materials don't react readily with other chemical compounds) and are oxide-resistant (exposure to oxygen, water, or bodily fluids will cause most metals to corrode from oxidization). At BodyPUNKS we make sure that all our jewelry is surgically safe and lasts a lifetime. Body piercing jewelry comes in many different sizes and is measured not just by how big the ring or barbell is, but by how thick it is (called the gauge). Body piercing jewelry is sure to use the most clean and highly inert and oxide resistant metals for its body piercing jewelry. View some of BodyPUNKS jewelry today.

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